Sunday, January 3, 2010

2009 Reading List.

Here's my 2009 reading list.  If anyone else want to share their own, I would be interested in reading it.

1. Martin Luther: Vol. 1- Martin Brecht
2. Martin Luther: Vol. 2- Martin Brecht
3. Martin Luther: Vol. 3- Martin Brecht
4. 1 and 2 Kings- Peter Leithart
5. A House for My Name: Old Testament Survey- Peter Leithart
6. From Silence to Song- Peter Leithart
7. Solomon Among the Post-Moderns- Peter Leithart
8. Against Christianity- Peter Leithart
9. The Baptized Body- Peter Leithart
10. The Promise of his Appearing: An Exposition of Second Peter- Peter Leithart
11. The Keys to the Kingdom- Peter Leithart
12. The Search for the Christian Doctrine of God- R.N.C. Hanson
13. Arius in Heresy and Tradition- Rowan Williams
14. Jesus Teaches the Church: The Discourses of Matthew- David Scaer
15. James Apostle of Faith- David Scaer
16. The Sermon on the Mount: The Church's First Statement of the Gospel- David Scaer
17. The Glory of the Lord: Vol. 1- Hans Urs Von Balthasar
18. The Glory of the Lord: Vol. 2- Hans Urs Von Balthasar
19. The Glory of the Lord: Vol.3- Hans Urs Von Balthasar
20. The Glory of the Lord: Vol.4- Hans Urs Von Balthasar
21. The Glory of the Lord: Vol.5- Hans Urs Von Balthasar
22. Concordia Commentary: Luke, Vol. 1- Arthur Just
23. Concordia Commentary: Luke, Vol. 2- Arthur Just
24. The Ongoing Feast- Arthur Just
25. Concordia Commentary: Matthew 1-11- Jeffrey Gibbs
26. Concordia Commentary: Daniel- Andrew Steinmann
27. Concordia commentary: Revelation- Louis Brighton
28. Augustinianism in Modern Theology- Henri De Lubac
28. The Mystery of the Supernatural- Henri De Lubac
29. A Brief Catechism on Grace and Nature- Henri De Lubac
30. Corpus Mysticum- Henri De Lubac
31. Medieval Exegesis Vol. 1- Henri De Lubac
32. Medieval Exegesis Vol. 2- Henri De Lubac
33. Medieval Exegesis Vol. 3- Henri De Lubac
34. The Bible- Karen Armstrong
35. God is not Great- Christopher Hitchens
36. The Dream of Reason: A History of Philosophy from the Pre-Socratics to the Renaissance- Anthony Gottlieb
37. Loci Theologici, Vol. 1- Johann Gerhard
38. Loci Theologici, Vol. 2- Johann Gerhard
39. Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln- Dorris Kerns Goodwin
40. Luther on Thomas Aquinas- Denis Janz
41. Luther and Late Medieval Thomism-Denis Janz
42. The Age of Reform- Steven Ozment
43. The History of the Christian Church, Vol. 3- Philip Schaff
44. American Theocracy- Kevin Philipps
45. What did Luther mean by Religion- Karl Holl
46. The Cultural Significance of the Reformation- Karl Holl
47. Distinctive Elements in Christianity- Karl Holl
48. The Reconstruction of Morality- Karl Holl
49. Calvin in Context- David Steinmetz
50. The Unaccomedated Calvin- Richard Muller
51. A Summary of the Christian Faith- David Chrytaneus
52. Diaskepsis Theologica- Nicholas Huinnius
53. Liberal Fascism- Jonah Goldberg
54. Is there a meaning in this text?- Kevin Vanhoozer
55. A New Look at the Formula of Concord- ed. Robert Preus.
56. A Generous Orthodoxy- Brian McLaren
57. Justification- N.T. Wright
58. Jesus and the God of Israel- Richard Bauckham
59. Concordia Commentary: Leviticus- John Kleinig
60. American Gospel: Religion in American Public Life- Jon Meacham
61. A New Look at the Lutheran Confessions: 1529-1537- Holsten Fagerberg
62. A Son to Me: An Exposition of 1 and 2 Samuel- Peter Leithart
63. The Mystery of Christian Worship- Odo Casel
64. Angelomorphic Christology: Antecedents and Early Evidence- Charles Gieschen
65. The Proper Distinction between Law and Gospel- C. F. W. Walther
66. A Short History of the Catholic Church- Hans Kung
67. You become what you worship: A Biblical theology of Idolatry- G.K. Beale
68. John Adams- David McCoullough
69. What's So Great About Christianity- Dinesh Desousa
70. The Christian World: A Global History- Martin Marty
71. Deep Exegesis: The Mystery of Reading Scripture- Peter Leithart
72. A History of Early Christian Doctrine Vol. 1: Jewish Christianity- Jean Danielou
73. A History of Early Christian Doctrine Vol. 2: Hellenism and the Spread of the Gospel- Jean Danielou
74. A History of Early Christian Doctrine vol. 3:The Origins of Latin Christianity- Jean Danielou
75. Mao: The Untold Story-Jung Chang and Jon Halliday
76. Mohammed: A Biography-Karen Armstrong
77. The Trinity- Karl Rahner


  1. That is one heck of a reading list. How in the world are you going to read all these? More importantly, where are you going to get all these books?

  2. Tim,

    Believe it or not, those are actually all books he has already read in the past calendar year! Our pastor just mentioned Jack this evening after the Epiphany service that he always seems to have a book in his hand. Also, believe it or not, we actually own a large number of those. The rest came from various university, college, and public libraries. I would recommend trying inter-library loan for books you can't get at your local library. Jack and I both use it extensively.
    Bethany Kilcrease

  3. Thanks for the advice, Bethany.

    And he has read of good portion of those?! Good gravy! I salute him!

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  5. Wow. That is some serious reading heat, Doctor! What are your thoughts about Von Balthasar?