Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Being "cast out" in John.

As part of my personal Bible study right now, I'm reading John.  Jesus states in chapter 12 that the ruler of this world will be "cast out."  The next verse says "he said this in order to indicate the sort of death that he would die."  The Greek word used is interesting because it is used both for exorcisms and in discussing the scapegoat in the LXX version of Leviticus 16.  Also note that one of John's themes is that believers in Jesus are "cast out" of the synagogue.  In chapter 9, we are told that the man born blind was also "cast out" of the synagogue for his witness to Jesus.  In other words, Jesus' death is an act of being cast out of the community of Israel.  It is also an atoning act, just like the "casting out" of the scapegoat.  Jesus' being "cast out" ironically casts out Satan.  
In a world of darkness, the light is always treated in this manner.  Jesus is the true Word of God (John 1) and therefore the truest witness to God.  He is superior to Moses, who communicated with God, but was not really God in the flesh the way Jesus was.  The Church is the true witness and therefore conforms to the image of the Son.  Just as the Son was "cast out" so too the Church will be cast out of the human community- in particular, true Christians will be "cast out" of the synagogue for their true witness to the light.


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