Saturday, January 16, 2010

Francisco's argument about Luther and Islam.

I'm almost finished with the Francisco book.  It's really very good.  His basic argument is 1. That much like Oswald Bayer, Francisco believes that the basic framework of Luther's theology is the threefold orders of creation (Church, State, Household).  2. Because this is the case, we can understand Luther's critique of Islam within this framework.

Therefore, according to Luther, Islam is bad because:

1. It corrupts the gospel-which has defined the Church since the Fall and the giving of the protoevangelium and replaces it with works righteousness.  It therefore corrupts the first estate, the Church.

2. It destroys other states in unjust wars and corrupts the use of violence by building empires.  Here it corrupts the second estate, the state.

3. Muslim (according to Luther) divorce at will.  They also engage in polygamy, which although God permitted at certain times in salvation history, he does not really approve of ultimately.  Therefore Islam corrupts the third estate, the household.

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