Friday, January 29, 2010

Ironic Choices.

When I was in Ft. Wayne, they were showing new CPH products and one of them was a book for Middle School kids that is the Catechism in the form a comic book. Paul McCain actually has it on his website right now. It's really good- I took a look at it.

When giving graphic illustrations of different violations of "taking God's name in vain" in the form of "magic or satanic arts" they show the young man looing at a horoscope.

Now, I do not endorse astrology- and I do consider this to be a good illustration of what Luther means within our context (obviously people did other things in the 16th century). Nevertheless, it's a somewhat ironic choice in light of the fact that both Chemnitz and Melanchthon believed in astrology and practiced it. Chemnitz was actually a professional astrologer.

Anyways, it's still good material. I just thought that that illustration was amusing and ironic.

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