Sunday, January 31, 2010

The times are changing...back?

Tim Robins made a fake-documentary movie in the early 90s following the campaign of a right-wing folk singer called "Bob Roberts."  Parts are pretty funny, but thing I found most funny were his songs.  One of them is entitled "The Times are Chang'in Back."  In other words, it's a political conservative's slant on the famous Bob Dylan song.  I would find it pertinent to some of the trends in both religion and politics over the last 10-15 years. 

When I went to the St. Thomas Aquinas mass today I noticed something very interesting.  Alot of the students would receive the host and then walk past the chalice.  I'm told that this is a new trend.  Apparently, (I'm told!) that they think that this makes them real Catholics- that is, pre-Vatican II Catholics.  I find this odd for several reasons (not least because it does not agree with Christ's institution, but that's an obvious criticism coming from a Lutheran).  Notably, does it occur to them that the reason why that practice began was that the clergy intended to show that they were separate and superior to the laity (it was part of the Cluniac reforms of the 11th century).  Secondly, does it occur to them that because the Magisterium of the Roman Church now commands them to take both elements, that they're actually being bad Catholics by disobeying the Magisterium?  A very odd situation indeed!

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