Friday, February 19, 2010

19th century Lutheran Theologians in favor of Angelomorphic Christology.

I found a list in Hoenecke of 19th century Lutheran exegetes who supported Angelomorphic Christology. I'm including it in a footnote in my book. Here it is for all of you as well:

Adolf Hoenecke, Evangelical Lutheran Dogmatics, vol. 2 (Milwaukee: Northwestern Publishing House, 2009), 170-3.

Wilhelm Hengstenberg, Die Offenbarung des heiligen Johannes, 2 Vols. (Berlin : L. Oehmigke, 1849-1851), 1:66.

Carl Friedrich Keil, Bibelsk commentar over Genesis (Christiania: Cammermeyer, 1870), 126.

Karl Kahnis, Die Lutherische Dogmatik, Historisch-Genetisch Dargestellt, 3 vols. (Leipzig, Dörffling und Franke, 1861-68), 1:396-7, 399.

Gottfried Thomasius, Christi Person und Werk, 2 vols. (Erlangen, A. Deichert, 1886-88) 1:77.

Friedrich Philippi, Kirchliche Glaubenslehre, 6 vols. (Stuttgart: Samuel Gottlieb Liesching, 1854-81), 2:19, 194.

Wilhelm Rohnert, Die Dogmatik der Evangelisch-Lutherischen Kirche, (Braunschweig: H. Wollermann1902), 145.

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  1. I have Hoenecke's 4 Vol work too and he really does a good job sorting out theologians as to whether they were confessional, pietist, neo-orthodox, pantheist and many other categorical lists. It's wonderful that Northwestern still prints it. The work of Hoenecke (and his later editors) certainly complements the work of Pieper. I really wonder if we will see any works in our lifetime that rival theirs. - Jim