Monday, February 15, 2010

Colloquy Denied.

I just received a letter that my application for colloquy has been denied.  Reason: They did not believe that the academic program that I had studied in constituted one headed for ordained ministry.

Let us follow Luther's explanation of the 8th commandment and put the best possible spin on this.  Clearly my M.A. is not an M.DIV, but it was received from a seminary and the courses I took could be incorporated into an M.DIV if I had decided to do this (at Luther Seminary, the overwhelming majority of all the students in my classes were getting M.DIVs).  

At best then, this is a technicality.  The good spin on it is that the committee did not quite understand this.  From what I've heard from other people, there might be other reasons why they made this decision, but again, I do not know.  It is my duty to speak well of my fellow human being as best I can, so for this reason I will not speculate either.

This being said, I perhaps am being called by God to look other direction regarding my career.  There is still a road to ordination if I want to take it, but it is considerably harder.  In any case, I know that God provides for my every need and is always doing what is best for me.  


  1. I am sad to hear this happened. My prayers will be with you. Your Phd in Systematics is joined with a profound othodoxy and this is a great loss for the Church. May our Lord Christ sustain and strengthen you on whatever path He leads you. I will continue to pray that it will be to the ordained ministry of the LCMS. But I know this must be crushing you right now. May God sustain you with His grace.

  2. Thanks Greg- I appreciate the support!

  3. That's horrible, Jack. Is there a way you could get an M.Div. from an LCMS seminary? Perhaps they would then agree to the transfer of most of your credits? Can't some agreement be reached in this matter?

  4. Piotr- Thanks for the kind words! I am weighing my options at this point. That might be a possibility. We'll see. BTW, I have very much enjoyed your web journal.

  5. You might consider Concordia University Irvine. In the past they had an MA level ministry training degree.They are good people, they might be able to transfer your credits. I am sure you have also looked into the specific ministry pastor program that might let you enter the ministry without uprouting yourself.

  6. Here's the irony. the _easiest_ way for you to become an ordained minister is to simply start acting like one without a the MDiv. You make yourself indispensible to the congregation you serve and then force the synod to let you do SMP.

    But easiest isn't best. I'm sorry that you have this hurdle. I pray that it becomes a blessing. One thing, from my perspective: if you (a) desire to be an episkopos and (b) have the support/blessing of those who know you best then please, please don't let the colloquy committee stand between you and a call. Perhaps, for example, they are wiser than you/we know or perhaps they are doing the right thing despite themselves -- I don't know. But if there's any way that you can swing getting an MDiv, do it. I know it's like a step back from a PhD in one sense, but try not to think of it like that. If, for example, CTS can make a reasonable program for you that's affordable and doesn't disrupt your whole life, I'm sure there are classes that would benefit you and your ministry.

    in Christ,

    (ps although my PhD was in math, and so highly unrelated, it was in some ways frustrating to go through the classwork/tests etc. that accompany an MDiv program. But for me, at least, it was an extremely rewarding experience)

  7. Sorry to hear that Jack. We'll be praying for you.

  8. I am sorry to hear of this... I have read and quoted your blog (put on to it by friend Will Weedon)... I hope that another path will be forthcoming... Your good words are welcome in our midst...

  9. I just got my REJECT LETTER today as well.
    Thank God for my "Christian Brothers" Brandi.

    ...and we wonder why our denomination is so messed up. A stake was driven through my heart today-

    Perhaps, a different denomination would be a better option for both you and me.

  10. Believe're REJECTION has NOTHING to do with your lack of academic preparation, or whatever. (well, at least they gave you a reason- they didn't even do that for me).

    They are doing this because the committee wants as many people as possible to go through the Seminary Mill- money is tight, so- there you go.

    I am an ordained minister from a different denomination. I am currently planting an LCMS mission for the last 6 months. I passed the ORAL EXAMINATION....I have a theological degree- I am more "lutheran" than many I have met, so what the hell else do I need?? And to top it off- I havent been paid for my missions work for the last 2 months!!!!!!!!!!!!! All they while the big wigs have been enjoying their lattes from their Ivory Tower.

    and we wonder why the LCMS is in dire straits!!

    Thats right people...lets just get in more debt to satisfy the fat administrators...