Monday, April 12, 2010

Hahn on "signs" and "works" in John's Gospel

Scott Hahn makes two interesting suggestions.  First, he posits that "sign" (that is, the miracles that Jesus does) are sacramental.  They convey Jesus' reality as "living water" (point to Baptism) "living bread" (Eucharist), etc.  Secondly, he says that these "signs" identical with what he speaks of as divine "works."  If that's the case, it places some light on Jesus statement that the disciples would do "greater works" than Jesus.  Obviously Jesus is not saying that the disciples will do better miracles.  Rather it talks about their ministry.  Whereas we are constantly told that no one understands the words or miracles of Jesus, we are also told that the disciples did understand after the resurrection.  Because the signs are understood after Jesus rises, the disciples "sacraments" are better than those of Jesus that they are understood, whereas Jesus' mystify temporarily.  

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