Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Joseph is a type of Christ.

I'm doing my "attempt to re-read the Bible every 6 months" thing still (Luther had the idea first, I'm just imitating him) and I'm at the Joseph stories in Genesis right now.

Interesting typological connections between Joseph and Christ. First, Shem is told that Japheth (that is, the progenitor of most of the Gentiles) will dwell in his tents. Joseph reigns over a kingdom of Gentiles (though mostly Hamites) and Israelites- anticipating the Church which is made up of both Jews and Gentiles, which is the ultimate fulfillment of this promise. Secondly, Joseph is given a coat of many colors. This is the sign of the rainbow given to Noah and suggesting that God will enact peace and not judge but redeem his creation. Revelation 4 sees this most definitively fulfilled in Christ. John sees a rainbow behind Christ on his throne. Lastly, and of course most importantly (this one has been emphasized throughout the history of Christian exegesis!) Joseph was humiliated and oppressed by his own family and then exalted. This was of course true of Christ as well.

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  1. Shall I assume this is just the beginning? Because there's a LOT more to be said...
    Although I like what you have here.

    First of all, Joseph isn't just humiliated and exalted -- which is true, to be sure. His exaltation actually saves the people of God. Without Joseph, the family of Israel would've starved (ok, or God would've chosen another way, but the point is that God chose Joseph to be their savior (by bringing them to Egypt (so Joseph is a type of Joseph too!))).

    Joseph, in fact, becomes the feeder of the nations.

    Did you notice that Joseph was in jail three years? I know, it says "After two whole years" (41:1) but that means that it's "on the third year" when Joseph's exaltation is begun (cf. Hosea 6:2) and He ascends to the right hand of Pharaoh, clothed with power (or at least the clothing of a king).

    Oh, and Joseph isn't just the feeder of the nations, he's also a host to His brothers when He serves them a meal (43:31)

    Oh, there's even more, but that might take up all the books in the universe, so I'll leave it there.