Saturday, May 1, 2010

Another interesting point on the destruction of Sodom.

Here's another interesting point.  There appears to be two destruction layers in what some archaeologist consider to be Sodom and Gomorrah.  Note that Abraham was involved in a military conflict when the cities were raided and Lot was captured.  Kitchen also points out that military involvement of people living near the Euphrates (where Genesis says the kings who attacked the cities came from) didn't occur until the time of Abraham- neither did it occur afterwards.

The city of Numeira, as we conjectured, possibly Sodom, is the better preserved of the two excavated sites. Numeira shows signs of two devastations. The latter was the catastrophic fiery event that utterly destroyed the city. An earlier event shows less sign of such a catastrophe, but rather more like the result of a war. Dr. Bryant G. Wood, an expert in Syrio-Palestine archaeology, formerly of the University of Toronto, has examined the two layers of destruction. He concluded that the two events probably occurred a little more than 20 years apart. [10] His estimation is in line with the Talmud's time frame of 26 years.

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