Friday, May 21, 2010

The Exodus-Joshua's Chiasm.

I'm into Joshua now.  Check this out- there's a chiasm running from the Exodus through Joshua.


1. Moses sees the Angel of YHWH: "Take off your shoes you are on Holy ground."

2. Circumcision- Moses' son.

3. Passover

4. Parting of the Red Sea.


1. Parting of the Jordan

2. Passover Celebrated

3. Circumcision of the second generation (the fact that it was with flint knives is also mentioned, like the case of the circumcision of Moses' son).

4. The Angel of YHWH appears to Joshua: "Remove your shoes, you are on Holy ground."

Greg- I think you are correct that the point is that Moses and Joshua have the same authority. The parallel events means that Joshua is a new Moses. The reversal comes from the historical fact that although they are parallel figures, their function is the reverse of one another in the plan of settlement. Whereas Joshua causes Israel to settle down, Moses uproots them. We can observe that they play the same role in salvation history as law and gospel do in the existential experience of the Christian. Moses uproots us from our pretension through the proclamation of the law. Joshua (who has the same name and therefore prefigures Jesus) gives us rest and fulfills God's promises.


  1. That is very interesting and it must have some significance. What point do you think is being made by this? Obviously the point that Joshua has the same authority as Moses but it seems like something else is at work here also.

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