Saturday, May 1, 2010


The below is an image from the site which is located around the Dead Sea which many archaeologists consider to be the site of the Biblical Sodom.  Interestingly enough, the names of Sodom, and the other destroyed cities were discovered by an Italian archaeologist among the Ebla letters in the same order as they are in the Bible (though some dispute this).  As you can see (though it is some what obstructed) there is a black layer from the time of Abraham that the archaeologist is pointing to.  Apparently what happened, according to the latest research is that there was an earthquake and natural gas came up from the ground.  It caused an explosion which would have rained down burning sulfur down on the city.  In fact, the evidence suggests that most of the inhabitants were burned alive- there have only been a few burnt bodies discovered.  This of course directly corresponds to what the Bible says- mainly that the cities were "overthrown" (suggestive of an earthquake) and that burning sulfur rained down from heaven.  God can of course work through nature phenomenon as well.

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