Monday, May 24, 2010

"Zombie Feeling" has ceased- Book coming along well again.

I was telling my wife the other day about how difficult it is getting back "into the zone" of writing/editing a book after a hiatus. Over the last few weeks I was grading finals/working on unrelated book reviews/going to a funeral/visiting my parents-in-law.

So, last week, when I came back to work on the third chapter of my book, I was got this sort of weird feeling, like a zombie, and just couldn't make much progress. I know it sounds very much like a sitcom character circa. 1996 would say, but I couldn't get "in the zone." Nevertheless, I'm out of it and I've been making excellent progress today. I should be posting a few excerpts from the third chapter soon.

I've also been reviewing material sent to me by Dr. Gregory L. Jackson regarding his objections to what he calls "Universal Objective Justification." I'm going to write a post on this within the next day or so.


  1. Glad to hear we are no longer in danger of an imminent zombie apocalypse! Looking forward to hearing about your progress. :)

  2. So is this book on the same subject matter as your dissertation.

  3. Sort of. I wrote on Gerhard Forde's view of atonement and then a counter proposal. So, I'm making my counter proposal a book and then the summary and criticism of Forde's position a book.

  4. I really do look forward to reading your critique of Forde's position. This book also looks interesting.