Monday, August 16, 2010

Breaking News: Michael Root Became Roman Catholic

Completely shocking news: Michael Root has become Catholic as of this weekend:

I know, I know- it's way shocking.

When some one goes around saying things like "the law is a way to actualize our relationship with God" or "the theology of the cross isn't really central to Luther's theology" or "there's no difference between Luther and Aquinas on justification" or "Wow, things are bad in the ELCA- you know what would fix it? Having the Pope arbitrate everything"- it's incredibly hard to see why they would become Roman Catholic.

I'm actually quite pleased about the news. Not because I want Dr. Root to start believing in false doctrine (he's already believed in false doctrine for years and this doesn't really change that)-but rather Root has been Roman Catholic in his theology for some time and it's rather unfortunate that he went around saying that he was a loyal Lutheran and running a Lutheran seminary when he really believed in Thomism. It's also unfortunate that he was one of the architects of them getting involved with JDDJ and with the CCM (their ill-thought out adventure with pulpit fellowship with the Episcopalians). In any case, they'd probably have done all that stuff without him.

I might also add, that perhaps some fellow Missourian (who will go unnamed) who thought that he and his colleague David Yeago, were a sign of some progress in the ELCA just because they said positive things about the law, might want to rethink their positions. In fact, as I have pointed out on a number of occasions, these gentlemen do not merely think that the law has a positive place in the Christian life, (as I and every other red-blooded confessional Lutheran also believes) but that it actually is the basis of the divine-human relationship. The gospel is good for them essentially because it makes the law work as a way of relating to God. The gospel for them is not the last word (as it must be!).

We can see the end results. If the center of the Christian faith is the law, who has the most and best defined law? Bingo. I need say no more.


  1. You will find this kind of thinking also among Calvinists and Weslyans. God saves us so we can be holy. Holiness is the goal of salvation. There is a grain of truth in this as perhaps best expressed in Luther's explanation of the 2nd article of the creed. However it is better to look at holiness as a necessary by product of salvation. God saves us for no other reason then His own mercy, love and grace. Holiness is a collateral benefit of His salvation.
    I also think the reformed teaching that God saves us for the sake of His own glory is a related error. God being glorified is also a collateral benefit of salvation. God saves us because He loves us and His heart is full of mercy, pity and grace toward us. When we make anything else a reason for our salvation we undermine the Gospel. God so loved the World that He gave.....

  2. It is never a shock when a heretic chooses a different heresy with which to align himself.

    It is a fundamental principle of heresy that once you have fallen for one heresy, it becomes increasingly hard for you to diagnose others. I have called it the "Special Relativity of Heresy" on another blog. If you aren't familiar with Einstein, just ignore that.

  3. I stumbled across this site and learned something important. I never knew there existed Lutheran fundys. Heh - kinda humorous really.

  4. Dear Jake, I just stumbled across your comment. I looked at your profile. You apparently simply created a profile so that you could call my readers and I a fundamentalists. I am of course flattered that you have gone to this trouble.

    As an academic, I would strongly encourage you to read and investigate the roots of the concept of Fundamentalism and the debates regarding its proper definition.

    I think that when you do this, you will recognize that my readers and I are merely adherents of historic orthodox Lutheran theology as enumerated in the first six ecumenical councils and the Lutheran symbolic writings.

    All the best, Jack.

  5. "Not because I want Dr. Root to start believing in false doctrine (he's already believed in false doctrine for years and this doesn't really change that)"

    So let me get this right, Dr. Kilcrease. You insult Dr. Root's embrace of Catholic theology and doctrine, and then you are discomfited by Jake noticing your lack of charity?

  6. jack, it is funny how you can proclaim heresy when your system rejects infallibility in teaching as must correctly open all statements my opinion.