Saturday, September 18, 2010

Triune Identity as Self-Giving according to Luther

Great Luther quote from the debate with Zwingli.  God's being is defined by being self-giving.

These are the three persons and one God, who has given himself to us all wholly and completely, with all that he is and has.  The Father gives himself to us, with heaven and earth and all that creatures, in order that they may serve us and benefit us.  But this gift has become obscured and useless through Adam's fall.  Therefore the Son himself subsequently gave himself and bestowed all his works, sufferings, wisdom, and righteousness, and reconciled us to the Father, in order that restored to life and righteousness, we might also know and have the Father and his gifts.

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  1. These last two posts are the sweetest Gospel. All that the mystics boasted of and more is poured out on us in the Word and the Sacraments. God freely gives Himself and all that is HIs to the one who believes. This is pure joy!