Monday, October 25, 2010

My Luther Class So Far.

I'm teaching a Luther class for a continuing education program. Seems like a good group and it went well this time. I don't think they got my explanation of how Occamism works or Aquinas' doctrine grace and free will. I tried to make it as simple as possible, but pretty much blew that one.

I can also detect that they're a little disappointed in Luther. I think they expected a person who was more modern, who saved Christianity from the dark, dark, Middle Ages, with reason and enlightenment. Luther did reform the Church, but I think that they have a false view of how and also of what the Middle Ages were like.

The Middle Ages was overly rational. Neither was it backward technologically. So, Luther and the Reformation didn't save Christianity from irrationalism. That's Liberal Protestant claptrap.

Luther saved Christianity from the medieval doctrine of penance, grace, and merit. He didn't intend or want the modern world. The modern world is anti-apocalyptic. It wants human reason and progress the keep the world as it is, under human control. Luther was an apocalypticist who wanted to be God's instrument in the rupture of the ages- the preacher of the righteousness of God against sin, death, and the devil. His message was of God's grace and love that isn't under our control.

This I think they find highly disappointing. It doesn't fit into their worldview. All it just sounds to them like a bunch of intolerance.

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  1. I think the only thing more intolerant then a modernist is a post-modernist.