Monday, November 8, 2010

1 Clement on Justification by Faith.

I'm somewhat surprised that the Reformers or modern Lutheran apologists don't use this quote from the Apostolic Father, St. Clement, more often:

1 Clement 32:4 "And so we, having been called through His will in Christ Jesus, are not justified through ourselves or through our own wisdom or understanding or piety or works which we wrought in holiness of heart, but through faith, whereby the Almighty God justified all men that have been from the beginning; to whom be the glory for ever and ever. Amen."


  1. Glad to know that Pope Clement is a Lutheran. Now if we could just work on Benedict....

  2. Where did you come across this? Were you reading 1 Clement?

  3. Yes, I was re-reading it because a student of mine (or at least future one- he's going to be in my Luther class next semester) made a statement on Facebook about how Clement believes in justification by faith and works. I remembered the passage and started rereading it and found the quote. I think its an important one, because Roman Catholics frequently try to claim that there is no Patristic attestation for sola fide.

  4. Clement was no pope. He didn't claim to be "holy father" unlike the usurpers that came much much later. These are the antichrists. This is why Benedict XVI is the Antichrist.

    If only the remnant in the Church of Rome were more visible ...