Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Paul McCain would have a heartattack.

Well, actually, probably not.

But I was in the Calvin College bookstore on Monday and discovered that the reader's edition of The Book of Concord is shelved in the "Reformed Theology" section.

When did Lutherans become Reformed?

What's odd about it is that the Reformed unionistic tendency is radically rejected at Calvin, since only people from the "Christian Reformed" can be profs. I mean only. Not even Accounting professors can be non-CRC people. The Concordia system might look into this- after a while they might find that they actually resemble Lutheran colleges!

Nevertheless, does that mean I can teach at Calvin now? Somehow I'm guessing the answer is still no.

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  1. Hans,

    OK, actually you don't technically have to be CRC. You just have to sign onto the Belgic Confession, Canons of Dort, and the Heidelberg Catechism. (And agree to attend a Reformed church and send all your kids to "Christian" schools). This means that there are some RCA profs and even at least one ELCA guy I can think of. Although, how you can in good conscience claim to be a good Lutheran (which he did) and sign the Canons of Dort is totally beyond me.