Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Controversial? Huh?

Someone remaked in an e-mail I received today that this blog is "controversial."

My immediate response was: "Huh?"

I find that rather strange. My theological positions are general, standard, run-of-the-mill old Missourian.

I think it's fair to say that I don't address standard topics that one finds throughout the Lutheran blogsphere. But how would that make my blog controversial?

Question: Has anyone else heard anything about this?


  1. To me a blogger is controversial when a strong anti-abortion emotional series of statements are made. I see these well-meaning Christians as trying to set up a new Law to bind the consciences of those who do not read the issue as they express. I that you have stayed away from this sort of messaging.

  2. Norman, Thanks for the contribution. I'm a little confused by your remark. BTW, I am very strongly pro-life and I consider it necessary for all Christians to take that stance. I've just not really ever brought up the issue since I think that it's some we all agree on. Besides this blog is supposed to be about theology and not really politics.

    But again, thanks for the comments.

  3. I don't think there's anything controversial about your blog, Jack. As you said, you're theology is "old Missourian", and that's why I read your blog. Is it controversial to be an "old Missourian" in the LC-MS these days? I hope not!

  4. The only people that I have seen take issue with your theological positions are Dr. Hinlicky, the Stephans, and the Ichabod crowd, but none of them are exactly old Missourian in their theology. I think you are more polemical than some Lutheran bloggers, but I also think polemics are necessary in theological explanation. Saying that, you have been quite gracious with your interlocutors.

    I enjoy your blog. You have helped me understand the foundational suppositions that separate Confessional Lutheranism from other theological perspectives.

  5. Maybe it would be worthy for the discussion to ask the emailer what he (or she) is using as a definition of "controversial." Anytime one discusses theology and comes to conclusions that not all Christians agree with could be viewed as "controversial." The fact that you are a confessional LCMS theologian is going to be controversial, which by the way, I greatly appreciate about you and your posts.