Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Friendly Neighborhood Arians Make a Visit!

Yesterday I came home from shopping and discovered that my friendly neighborhood Arians have left an invitation to Kingdom Hall for me. The flyer has on it the question "How do you view Jesus?"- then it gives the options of a baby, a dying man, and a King (with white hair apparently?- I guess the state of exaltation hasn't done our Lord well?). The amusing thing is that the second option has a picture of him dying on the cross and it's cropped in such a way to cut out everything just above his elbows. In other words, they don't want to weird out the conventional Christian crowd with their extremely odd belief that Jesus died on a "torture stake" and not on a literal cross, which they claim is a later pagan symbol. Apparently the Greek grammar wizards who came up with the "New World Translation" didn't realize that the Greek word "stavros" could also be a cross in the road. Hence this suggests that the NT literally means that Jesus died on a cross-shaped piece of wood. My wife has traced this "torture stake" idea back, and it apparently was a common belief among British anti-Roman Catholic Evangelicals in the 19th century. It was intended, I guess, as a way of attacking the crucifix.

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