Monday, May 14, 2012

Teaching at the Institute of Lutheran Theology

I found out a few days ago that I'll be teaching at the Institute of Lutheran Theology online in the Fall.  I'm slated to teach History of Christian Thought I.  Here's the website:

If you're interested in personal enrichment or in earning an M.Div or other degrees, I would check it out.


  1. Might be wise however to caution folks that a M.Div. from this program is not recognized and would not be accepted by The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod for admission to the ministerial roster of The LCMS.

    I'm not trying to be critical of the program, but I think this should be said lest there be any unpleasant surprises by somebody who might think this is way to become qualified to serve as a pastor in The LCMS.

  2. Thanks for the helpful observation Rev. McCain. It is indeed correct that the LCMS does not accept the M.Div degree from this institution. I am primarily writing to my readers who are LCMC and NALC who might be interested in the program. I would note that the website is quite explicit about which Lutheran synods accept this degree.