Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Reading List

It was a good year for books.  Re-read Pieper and Elert, and also put Newman and Troeltsch under my belt.  Beyond that, got a lot of research done for my book on Scripture and Tradition.  As always, I invite you to add your own list.  I'm always interested in learning what other people are reading.

1. An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine- John Henry Newman
2. An Essay on the Grammar of Ascent- John Henry Newman
3. The Arians of the Fourth Century- John Henry Newman
4. Apologia Pro Vita Sua- John Henry Newman
5. The Case for Christ- Lee Strobel
6. Bad Religion: How We Became a Nation of Heretics- Ross Douthat
7. The Unintended Reformation: How a Religious Revolution Secularized Society- Brad Gregory
8. The Bible Made Impossible: Why Biblicism is Not Truly Evangelical Reading of Scripture- Christian Smith.
9. Christian Dogmatics vol. 1- Francis Pieper
10. Christian Dogmatics vol. 2- Francis Pieper
11. Christian Dogmatics vol. 3- Francis Pieper
12. The Structure of Lutheranism- Werner Elert
13. Infidel- Ayaan Hirsi Ali
14. Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years- Diarmaid Macculloch
15. Arguably: Essays by Christopher Hitchens- Christopher Hitchens
16. Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion- David Hume
17. An Inquiry Concerning Human Understanding- David Hume
18. A Treatise on Human Nature- David Hume
19 An Inquiry Concerning the Principles of Morals- David Hume
20. The History of Calvinism- Daryl Hart
21. Symbolism: Exposition of Doctrinal Differences Between Catholics and Protestants as Evidenced by Their Symbolic Writings- Johann Adam Mohler
22. Creedo: Historical and Theological Guide to Creeds and Confessions of Faith in the Christian Tradition- Jaroslav Pelikan
23. The Vindication of Tradition- Jaroslav Pelikan
24.  The Tyranny of Cliches: How Liberals Cheat in the War of Ideas- Jonah Goldberg
25. Engaging Luther: A (New) Theological Assessment- Olli-Pekka Vainio
26. The Theology of Martin Luther: A Critical Assessment- Hans-Martin Barth
27. Theological Common Places: On Ministry vol. 2- Johann Gerhard
28. 1493: Uncovering the New World Columbus Created- Charles Mann
29. Commentary on Luther's Catechism: Baptism and the Lord's Supper- Albrecht Peters
30. The Historical Commentary on the Augsburg Confession- Wilhelm Maurer
31. Introduction to Lutheran Symbolics- J.L. Neve
32. The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined- Steven Pinker
33.  The Origins of Papal Infallibility: 1150-1350- Brian Tierney
34. Foundations of Conciliar Theory: The Contribution of the Medieval Canonists from Gratian to the Great Schism- Brian Tierney.
35.  Jesus: An Experiment in Christology- Edward Schillebeeckx
36. The Eucharist- Edwad Schllebeeckx
37. The Shape of Sola Scriptura- Keith Mathison
38. Scripture Alone: Exploring the Bible's Accuracy, Authority, and Authenticity- James R. White
39. Tradition in the Early Church- R.P.C. Hanson
40. Tradition and Scripture in the Early Church- Ellen Flesseman-Van Leer
41. The Social Teachings of the Christian Churches, vol. 1- Ernst Troeltsch
42. The Social Teachings of the Christian Churches, vol. 2- Ernst Troeltsch
43. The Absoluteness of Christianity and the History of Religions- Ernst Troeltsch
44. The Christian Faith-Ernst Troeltsch
45. Protestantism and Progress: The Significance of Protestantism for the Rise of the Modern World-Ernst Troeltsch
46. Holy Scripture: The Ground and Pillar of Our Faith, vol. 1- David T. King
47. Defending Faith: Lutheran Response to Osiander's Doctrine of Justification: 1551-1559- Timothy Wengert
48. Was There a Lutheran Metaphysic?: The Interpretation of the Communicatio Idiomatum in Early Modern Lutheranism- Joar Haga
49.  The History of Protestant Theology: Particularly in Germany, vol. 1- Isaak Dorner
50. The History of Protestant Theology: Particularly in Germany, vol. 2- Isaak Dorner
51. After Virtue: A Study in Moral Theory- Alasdair MacIntyre
52. Holy Writ or Holy Church?: The Crisis of the Protestant Reformation- George Tavard
53. 100 People Who are Screwing Up America- Bernard Goldberg
54. The Oxford Movement: Europe and the Wider World 1830-1930- Stewart Brown and Peter Nockles.
55. The Meaning of Tradition- Yves Congar
56. The History of Theology- Yves Congar
57. The Gnostic Gospels: Elaine Pagels
58. The Early Luther: Stages in a Reformation Reorientation- Berndt Hamm
59. Paul and the Faithfulness of God (Christian Origins and the Question of God vol. 4)- N.T. Wright
60. Civilization: The West and the Rest- Niall Ferguson


  1. Wow! As always, I am pretty impressed. I always feel like such a slacker compared to your reading efficiency. I want to know on average how many pages a day you read? This is truly a feat. Anyways, I always enjoy seeing what you read and I always enjoy your opinions on boards and such, and I always find myself asking "that book looks neat, I wonder what Jack thought of it?" Have you ever thought of giving a synopsis and review of the books you read (even if it just a paragraph or two). I enjoy hearing and reading opinions from certain people and yours is definitely one of them. Congrats on 60!

  2. For Instance how was N.T. Wright's book on Paul (Christian Origins and the Question of God Vol.4) To prove my earlier point, after reading your list, I also went over to Amazon and bought Newman's book concerning Arians of the 4th Century, thanks.

  3. Rev. Ray, I'm not finished with Wright, but I am enjoying him so far. I know eventually the "New Perspective on Paul" will hit the fan (so to speak) and then I will be disappointed, but so far so good.

    Sam, I can't say that I have any direct recommendations for 2014. Perhaps the new Gerhard volume, which I am also looking forward to after I'm done with Wright. I also plan to start reading Pascal and Reinhold Niebuhr this year, but we'll see if my research for the Scripture and Tradition book gets in the way!

  4. One last thing: I would definitely recommend the Berndt Hamm book. I'm present writing a book review for LOGIA on it.